Spring Registrations



Schedule standings & more.


 League                                      Age Group      Starting Date                        Cost 
Mini-Soccer Tuesdays 18 months to 5 May 15 $125
Mini-Soccer Saturdays 18 months to 5 May 19 $125
Mini-Ball Hockey Saturdays 18 months to 5 May 19 $125
U6 Soccer League born in 2012-13 May 19 $125
U21 Co-ed Soccer League born in 1997-2000 Play Fridays at 8:00pm

New FUN League starting.  Register now for FREE.  First Friday, Apr 13 is FREE.

Adult Co-Ed Free Agents Adults 8 Week season; Wednesdays, starts Apr 11 to May 30. If you don’t have a team, register as a Free Agent and we will try to fit you on a team.


Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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