Black Friday Lasertag Sale Now until December 17th!

Black Friday Sale on all Lasertag Gift Passes.
Save $5 per session when you purchase a Lasertag Gift Pass. Sale starts November 26th until December 17th. Passes become valid in the year 2022.

I have a return pass, do I save $5 off the gift pass?

By purchasing a Gift Pass ahead of time, we’re essentially offering you Return Pass pricing regardless on if you have already played in the past 30 days. Play less then once a month? Purchase a Gift Punch Pass and know that you’re always getting the best deal each time you play!

Looking for more savings? There are some who just can’t get enough of lasertag! Use a Gift Pass to play for the 6-8pm session, and pay only $15 for the 8-10pm session. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to keep you informed about our Lasertag Summer Camps and the launch of our Lasertag League in 2022. Join Our Newsletter.

When can I use the gift pass?

Gift passes are meant to be given as gifts over the holidays. The passes can be redeemed any Friday Night Lasertag starting on January 1st the following year. For example, if you purchased a pass November or December 0f 2021, the pass is only good to start in January of 2022. Because our passes are tracked manually, they expire after one year (expiration date will not be enforced during pandemic) don’t fold, alter or run your pass through the wash =( Pass must be in good condition to verify it’s authenticity.

You’re not able to use a pass during the promotion and use it the same night that it was purchased.

I have a group, can I use a gift pass?

Gift Punch Passes can only be used once per session, once during the 6-8pm session, and again during the 8-10pm session. Looking for a deal? We have great options for large groups! Email us at

How do I get the best deal?

  1. Reserve a Private Session. Lasertag for only your group for 2 hours, starting at $500. You can bring up to 30 people which brings it to less then $17 per person. If your group is larger then that, it would become a Group Event, and be priced/quoted per event. Email us at
  2. Reserve asĀ  Group. Often times we can get your group in at a better rate if your more flexible with date/time of your reservation. Some times of year are peak for us and we’re unable to offer group discounts. Other times such as the 8-10pm session aren’t as busy. Get your group of 10 or more players ready and send us an email
  3. Use a RETURN PASS. Come and play Friday Night LaserDome, and get a Return Pass that saves you $5 and expires in 30days. This is our membership pricing for anyone who plays lasertag more often then once a month.
  4. Purchase a Gift Pass. We sell gift passes at a discounted rate every year around the holidays (November and December). Purchase your passes for the following year, and keep them handy for the next time you want to play some LaserDome!

Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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