Friday Night Paintball Will be Pause While in Orange

We’re Paused During Orange!

Throughout all of this pandemic, the SportsDome has done more than required by our governing authorities in order to keep our customers safe while in our facility. During the early months, the Government of New Brunswick granted us special permissions to continue offering childcare services for essential workers. Due to this experience, cleaning and proceedural thinking has become second nature to us and all of our staff. The main takeaway is our ability to listen, take advice from the experts and feedback from everyone involved. Listening to our customers during Moncton’s most recent ‘return to orange’ the consensus is that paintball would remain closed. Though paintball and lasertag falls under FEC (Family Entertainment Center) activities and are permitted to operate, we felt it best to server the paintball community to pause Friday Night Paintball for some time.
Please remember to follow us on Social Media for any changes and we hope to greet everyone again into our facility for some paintball action real soon.


Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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