Why is Physical Activity Important?

Physical activity offers the following benefits:

  • Cardiovascular Health (e.g., maximal oxygen uptake)
  • Bone Health (e.g., strength & density)
  • Indices of adiposity (e.g., body mass, waist)
  • Cognitive Development and Brain Health (e.g., executive functioning, etc)
  • Academic Achievement (e.g., mathematics, etc)
  • Health Related Quality of Life (e.g., physical, social, and emotional functioning)
  • Lower risk of overweight or obesity

Physical activity offers the following mental health benefits:

  • Greater self-efficacy
  • Pro-social behaviour
  • Self-esteem
  • Life satisfaction
  • Flourishing mental state
  • Fewer mental health visits
  • Decreased behaviour of inattention and hyperactivity
  • Reduced smartphone addiction
  • Lower odds and symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Lower odds of having bipolar II disorder
  • Lower odds of mood disorder
  • Lower odds of general psychological distress

Week 3

Week 5

The diagram below illustrates the benefits


ParticipACTION. The Role of the Family in the Physical Activity, Sedentary and Sleep Behaviours of Children and Youth. The 2020 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth. Toronto: ParticipACTION; 2020. The 2020 Report Card and a summary of its findings (the Highlight Report) are available online at


Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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