Field Bookings

The SportsDome offers field bookings to our community.  Each field is 54 meters long (180 feet) by 30 meters wide (100 feet).

Our fields are booked in advance by regular customers.  Each month, any field time that is not booked by our regular customers become available to be booked by our community.  New times are added each month.

To view available bookings, click on the buttons below and our system will show you available times.  To book the field, fill out the information and credit card information and your field will be reserved.


Field Reservation Policy

The SportsDome allows organizations to reserve field time in advance.  The following is our Policy on providing field access to organizations in order of ranking:

  1. Organization must pay field rental fees on time at a minimum each month.  Failure to do this will result in losing your spot for future months
  2. Recurring weekly time will have priority over renting field every now and then
  3. # of weeks booked in a year.  The higher the number of weeks an organization books in a calendar year for a specific time, the higher the chance it will have access to available field time.  This makes it easier for everyone.
  4. Existing customers/organizations that have rented from the SportsDome in the past will have priority over new customers/organizations that do not rent from the SportsDome.
  5. Any time that is not booked in advance will be made available online.





Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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