Does it hurt

We’re not going to lie. Paintballs hurt when they hit you. But at the SportsDome we feel like we have the best chance for you to have the best time!

  1. Our indoor course is free from obstacles. Most injuries from paintball come from playing on rough terrain or in the woods.
  2. We can better control the action. Because we’re in charge of making the battlefield, special care is taken into the placement of obstacles to give players a place to hide, but not so strong that they need to be eliminated at close range.
  3. The speed of our markers is reduced. Since our reusable balls don’t explode when they hit you, we’ve had to take extra precautions when it comes to impacts. We fire our markers at a maximum of 250fps instead of the industry standard 300fps.
  4. Reballs are lighter then paintballs. This mean at the same speed they contain less energy then a standard paintball. In addition to a reduced firing speed, this really takes the sting out of an impact.

The minimum age to play is 10, as we feel not only are these young players able to take a hit, but are also mature enough to follow the rules for safe play. Wear your bruises with pride!


If this is still too much for you, consider reserving for a private or semi-private session, where we can tailor rules of engagement to your group. We also offer an awesome lasertag product!!!


Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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