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A Return Pass at the SportsDome is our way of saying thanks, and hoping to see you again soon!

When you’re finished playing lasertag at the SportsDome, we’ll give you a return pass. This pass will save you $5 the next time you want to play. Remember to use your pass soon, because it will be stamped to expire in 30 days from the day you received it. When you play again, you’ll get another return pass. Play at least once a month and never pay the full price ever again!

Our feeling is we have too many monthly fees, memberships and re-occurring payments. This is our way of rewarding the folks who support us. Play at least once a month, and get ‘member’ pricing on lasertag.

You’re awesome, hope to see you again soon!


RSVP to play LasertagSee the schedule and RSVP as an individual or group!



Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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