All Camps are offered from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
We offer both indoor and outdoor activities when it’s nice outside (not too warm and the UV index is safe)
Early morning drop off is available at 7:30am.
Late pickup is available until 6:00pm. No extra charge !
We have certified instructors that run each camp.
We focus on skills development and getting kids active and having fun as a first goal !
Kids are separated into groups based on their age.
Ages for camps are 5 to 12 for all camps except Lasertag (6 to 12) and Paintball (10 to 16).
Camps are offered for the entire week. We do not accept part-time enrollment.
We have many counselors that speak French for the French speaking children.

Pricing is as follows:
– $170 for 4 day camps (July 3-6 and Aug 7-10)
– $210 for Multi-Sport Camp, Active Camp, Arts & Crafts Camp
– $260 for LaserTag Camp
– $290 for Paintball Camp

SAVE $35 each week when you take 4 camps or more throughout the summer for each child.
You pay the full amount on the first 3 camps, and you get a rebate of $140 ($35 X 4) on your 4th camp.
You don’t have to pay all of the camps up front. You simply pay each week.
Register for one week online and email us at info@sportsdome for the other weeks you want to reserve.
You can always change your mind on other weeks.
email us anyway so we have an idea and we will then pre-reserve for you and save a spot.
After the 4th week of camp, you continue to receive a $35 rebate each additional week per child.

Parents must accompany and sign in their child on Monday morning with the camp directors.
Parents will fill out an allergy form in advance.
Payment for the week must be paid in advance.
We will not accept any child on Monday morning where payment has not been finalized.

Children should bring the following:
– a water bottle with their name on it
– lunch and snacks (our camps are active and fun, so children will tend to eat and drink more than usual)
– suntan lotion (for outdoor play when the weather permits it)
– sneakers

Children will be assigned a cubbie for the week.

Register below by clicking on the link/camp you want to register

Aug 7-10: Active Camp

Aug 13-17: LaserTag Camp

Aug 13-17: Active Camp

Aug 20-24: Paintball Camp

Aug 20-24: Active Camp



Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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