The SportsDome Daycare (Full Circle Academy) is OPEN.

We are offering various camps for the Spring & Summer.  Click on our camps page for more information.

We are also accepting new registrations for the Fall.  Call us at 382-7529.

New Preschool – We are opening a new licensed Preschool for children ages 3 and 4 this Fall.  Click on preschool page for more information.


COVID-19 Additional Precautions

Our daycare has taken a series of precautions to protect our children, our employees and our community.

As we return to our “New Normal”, below are the guidelines and practices we are following. Please take time to read as the information is extremely important to the safety and well being of our children and staff.

1) Front Door Locked

The front door will remain locked at all times so that we can control the amount of people entering the facility. Only daycare children and staff will be permitted inside.   There is a door bell at the door.  Press on it if no one is around.

2) Key Strategies to prevent and control the Spread of Covid -19

We will be screening each child daily for any of the symptoms below and taking their temperature upon arrival.

Parents must also complete the Screening questionnaire each day upon drop off.  I have attached a copy for your review and we will also have paper copies here at the Dome.

All children and Staff who are sick with 2 or more of the following symptoms, Will NOT be permitted entrance to the facility.

  • Fever
  • New cough or worsening chronic cough
  • runny nose
  • headache
  • Sore Throat
  • New onset of Fatigue
  • New onset of Muscle Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of Taste or Smell

Note: Children or staff who have been identified as having seasonal allergies or who suffer from chronic runny nose/nasal congestion are not required to be excluded.

If a child develops any of the above symptoms while at the center we will contact you immediately, and the child will be removed from the group and brought to the office so that they can isolate until you pick them up. Parents have 1 hour from the initial call to pick up their child. If your child develops symptoms while not at daycare and will not be attending daycare you must contact the center and disclose all symptoms so we can properly document any illnesses.

3) Personal Hygiene Etiquette

Please review with your child proper Personal Hygiene Etiquette

  • Avoid Touching face, eyes, nose or mouth especially with unwashed hands
  • Cover mouth and nose with disposable tissue or with the crease of the elbow with coughing or sneezing.

4) Groups

We will be separating the children in groups of 15 or less with one staff member and keeping this little family together for the entire week to help promote physical and social distancing and keep children exposure to new staff at a minimum.  Each group will have their own cubbies and their own tables that will not be shared with other groups. Each Group will also have their own bucket of supplies to use during the week.

Meal times for each group will be staggered to promote physical distancing and allow ample time for our staff to properly clean and disinfect the area so it will be ready for the next group. Children will be required to wash hand before and after each meal. Children will NOT be permitted to share food. We will still have access to the microwave for those children who have a heated meal. 1 staff member will be responsible to heat the meals and cleaning and disinfecting the microwave and kitchen are after each use.

Children are NOT to bring any toys from home especially blankets, stuffed animals, play dough, slime and puzzles as these are not able to be properly cleaned.

5) Additional Steps We have taken

We have added additional hand sanitizing stations and regular hand washing to our daily routine. We have also increased our daily cleaning and sanitizing of our tables, toys and equipment.

We have increased our cleaning and disinfection policies to several times per day. All toys (ie Lego,  Blocks, Kenitx etc..) will be cleaned between group uses as well as at the beginning and end of each day.

Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized 3 times per day: morning, afternoon and end of day.

Added physical distancing measures.  See attached pictures of the Cubbie/Table area for each group.

We have an Outbreak Management Plan in the case something happens with an outbreak.

We are adding additional training for our employees.

Children must have a water bottle every day.  This will help reduce the amount of movement around the center and limit the contact with the water fountain.

6) Financial Assistance

If your family was financially impacted by the Covid-19, daycare assistance has expanded their eligibility requirements to offer financial funding support, to help family’s get their children back to daycare so they can return to work. Please Call Daycare Assistance Program 1-866-426-5191to see how they can help.

Department of Education and early childhood are requiring us to have an updated list of all people Living in your household listed on your child’s profile. Please respond in an email with the list of names and contact numbers of all people living at your address weather it is permanent or just temporary.

7) Field Trips

During this time Field Trips for which we have to travel on the bus or in vehicles are prohibited. However, walking and outside activities are encouraged. In order to promote healthy and active lifestyle we will be out side a minimum of 2 hours per day weather pending so please make sure that your children have appropriate clothing.

8) Morning Drop Off Procedure

Once you arrive, one of us will greet you at the door.

We will be screening each child daily for any symptoms.

We will take their temperature with am infrared thermometer, which is provided by Department of Education and Early Childhood.

We will collect a questionnaire from you that must be filled out daily.

Children entering are expected to sanitize or wash their hands upon entering.

9) What to Bring What Not to Bring

  • Water Bottle
  • Face Mask (optional)
  • 2 snacks and a lunch
  • Inside shoes
  • DO NOT bring toys from home (blankets, stuffed animals, playdough, slime, puzzle, etc)


10) End of Day Pickup Process (DRIVE THRU) !!!

Call us 15 minutes before you arrive at 382-7529 to let us know that you are on the way and one of our staff will prepare your child(ren) and meet you at the door when you arrive.

We look forward to seeing you all again very soon!!!

11) Space and Social Distancing

The SportsDome Daycare enjoys the most amount of indoor daycare space in the province.   Our facility is 400 feet long and 118 feet wide of open space, which is about the same size as two hockey rinks, side by side.  We utilize all of this space for our children.  So they are free to play and run around freely.  The space allocation for each child at the Dome is about 11 times larger than the recommended space requirement for licensed daycare centers.  This means that children that go to the SportsDome Daycare have 11 times more space to play with than in a regular setting.  How much space does all of this mean?  It means that we can put one child in an area that is 20 X 20 feet (400 square feet) whereas normally there would be 11 children in this same area.

Practicing and implementing social distancing is much easier when we have this much space to play with.

12) Do you accept part-time children?

Yes, we accept children part-time and full-time throughout the week.  We have some customers that have access to childcare at home, however the children need a break from home and the adults also need a break.

How to register or Questions

Call us at 382-7529 for any questions.  We are here to serve our community during this difficult time and crisis.



Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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