Preschool (New)

We are opening a new licensed preschool for children ages 3 and 4 with the NB Curriculum Framework

The Preschool is set to open for September.  You can reserve your spot by calling us at 382-7529.



Mini Soccer

Classes are designed for young children.

To REGISTER, click on one of the links below to register the program of your choice.
Note that some times may change depending on the amount of registrations.
Soccer programs are sanctioned by Soccer NB and as such, any player that did not play soccer during the past summer will be subject to an additional $20, which is a one-time yearly fee.
Our soccer programs have been modified to comply with Public Health and Safety requirements.

Saturday Feb 20 Programs

– U2 – 9:00am class –> Field AB (on the left)
– U2 – 9:45am class –> Field AB (on the left)
– U3 – 10:30am class –> Field AB (on the left)
– U3 – 11:15am class –> field AB (on the left)
– U4 – noon class –> field CD (on the right)
– U5 – noon class –> field CD (on the right)
– U7 – 10:30am –> field CD (on the right)
– U9 – 9:00am –> field CD (on the right)

Still room available for the programs below.  To register, click on the link of the soccer program.
Any questions, email us at
Soccer Program Year Born
Times Starts
U2 Mini Soccer 9:00am 2019 Saturdays 9:00am Sat, Feb 20 125
U2 Mini Soccer 9:45am 2019 Saturdays 9:45am Sat, Feb 20 125
U3 Mini Soccer 10:30am 2018 Saturdays 10:30am Sat, Feb 20 125
U3 Mini Soccer 11:15am 2018 Saturdays 11:15am Sat, Feb 20 125
U4 Mini Soccer 12:00pm 2017 Saturdays 12:00pm Sat, Feb 20 125
U5 Mini Soccer 12:00pm 2016 Saturdays 12:00pm Sat, Feb 20 125
U7 Soccer 2014-15 Saturdays at 10:00 or 11:00am Sat, Feb 20 155
U9 Soccer 2011-13 Saturdays at 8:00 or 9:00am Sat, Feb 20 155


For all occasions (birthdays, daycare outings, team or family outings) are offered on Saturdays.  2-hour parties with a Party Leader.

Click on Parties for more information on these programs.


Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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