Winter Mini Sport Classes

Program Details and Registrations

  • All classes are designed for young children
  • 8-week program
  • Offered on Saturdays
  • Starts Saturday, Jan 7
  • All classes are led by trained employees
  • U2 and U3 classes are offered with one parent on the field assisting the child
  • U4 and U5 classes are offered with parents staying mostly on the sidelines.  Sometimes, a parent may have to help out when the child loses focus !!
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Age Chart

  • U2 Class – born in 2021
  • U3 Class – born in 2020
  • U4 Class – born in 2019
  • U5 Class – born in 2018

Our Philosophy

  • There are many, many health, social and mental health benefits for children and parents to be active in sports and other recreational activities.  For more on this topic, please visit the Participaction Canada (
  • Our philosophy at the Toddler age is to get the children to have fun with new sports they are discovering.
  • It is more important to ensure children have fun and think a sport is cool than to learn various sport techniques.
  • Most adults that have a background in a particular sport will instinctively try to teach specific sport techniques on a child.
  • Often, this leads the child to lose focus and then eventually lose interest in the sport
  • The SportsDome has purchased an award-winning curriculum and has refined it over 10 years to make it fun for children and adults to participate in fun games that are designed for toddlers
  • Pull VS Push Philosophy.
    • We offer many short activities for toddlers.
    • Sometimes when a child loses focus (because that is what toddlers do !!), the next activity will have cool props, colors, something that will draw the child to want to play again.
    • Parents instinctively will want to push the child to participate in the activity.  We discourage this.  Let the child sit out an activity if they want too.  Then when the next one starts, encourage the child to jump in again …
  • Our objective is not to develop the next sport super-star.  If the child will become a star, this will happen much later in their life
  • Our objectives are:
    • 1) Child to Have Fun (This means we incorporate silly and fun child games in the curriculum)
    • 2) Child to be Active
    • 3) Secretly develop the child sport skills without them knowing it (motor skills, balance, coordination, stamina, sport-specific skills development, control of their body, listen and interact in a group setting, and much more. )
    • 4) Active Parents (U2, and U3 classes require one parent to be on the field with the child to help out with the focus of the child.  Sometimes this is also required on occasions for U4s, U5s as well)

Classes Offered

  • U2 Soccer – 9:00am
  • U2 Soccer – 9:45am
  • U3 Baseball & Track – 10:30am
  • U3 Soccer – 10:30am
  • U3 Soccer – 11:15am
  • U4 Baseball & Track – 11:15am
  • U4 Soccer – 11:15am
  • U5 Baseball & Track – 12:00pm
  • U5 Soccer  – 12:00pm



For all occasions (birthdays, daycare outings, team or family outings) are offered on Saturdays mornings with a Party Leader.

Click on Parties for more information on these programs.

Any questions, email us at


We now operate a licensed preschool for children ages 3 to 5, which follows the NB Curriculum Framework.

Our preschool is also a Designated Center.

Email us at for a free tour of our preschool center.

Moms & Tots

A fun outing for Moms & Tots to get active and socialize.  Details of the program are:

  • Tuesdays from 9:30am to 11:00am
  • Inflatables are out for the enjoyment of children
  • Equipment for toddlers are out: mini soccer balls, cones, noodles, spots, and more
  • Lot’s of space for everyone to walk, run, relax
  • $5 per child
  • Moms, Dads get in for FREE (infants are free as well)
  • FREE Walking for seniors is also offered from 9:30am to 11:00am on another field inside the Dome.  If a mom can’t make a session and has a parent, seniors are welcome to attend and bring toddlers.
  • $30 Memberships are available for the Fall Season (Sept 20 to Dec 20).  Click on the button below to reserve your membership today.
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Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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