*Notice* Our Lasertag Parties are being reworked to comply with Public Health and Safety requirements and are scheduled to make a re-appearance in August 2020. Follow us on Social Media network of your choice to get notified of any changes.



Lasertag Birthday Party!

The Moncton SportsDome now offers Lasertag !!!

The SportsDome Lasertag solution offers the world’s most modern solution that immerses customers in a real life video game.

SportsDome knowledgeable staff will guide players through different games and missions within our custom 10 000 sqft arena.  The Lasertag arena changes each week to allow returning players something new and fun to play every time!

Group Bookings

You can book and reserve your session in advance and guarantee your time.  Click on the month booking below and follow the instructions to reserve your session.

March Group Booking

March 14th Lasertag Scenario Event Group Booking

April Group Bookings

May Group Booking


LaserDome Facts

Largest playing field east of Montreal.  Oh Yeah !
Our field is changed every day which allows returning players more challenges and more FUN.  WOW !!
Next-Generation Wireless Equipment
Fun for Everyone ages 6+
Safe, No Impact, No Projectiles
Live Scoring and Ranking System
Most advanced lasertag equipment in the industry.  A wide selection of game modes such as: Free for All, Capture the flag, King of the Hill, Infected, Doctor Lasertag, Protect the VIP, and many more.  OMG !!!

$25 for 2 hours of fun

Parties & Groups

  • $25 per player. Minimum 10 people
  • 60 minutes of LaserDome
  • 30 minutes in the Party Area
  • 30 minutes in the Inflatables Area
  • Dedicated party area with picnic tables
  • Book online in advance to reserve your spot or contact us

Frequently Asked LaserDome Questions:

What ages do you allow?

Ages 6 through 106 can play

How long does a game take to play?

LaserDome games take 4 minutes with 1minute in between to get to your starting station. Double games last 8 minutes.

Can a reserve a group of people for a Party?

Yes, groups of 10 players or more can reserve on Saturdays. Reservations are done online or by calling the SportsDome. Private reservations can be made, please email Additional fees will apply.

When can I play?

Individuals can play any Friday evening from 6-8pm during Open Fun. Summer special includes 2 free games of LaserDome with entry to Open Fun. Public Lasertag is on break until the Fall 2018.

Groups can reserve and play on Saturdays. Teams can play in our LaserLeague on Fridays between 8-10pm. (must be 8 years or older to play league matches)

Do I need any special equipment?

No, everything required to play is provided to you. Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear as you will be moving around a lot!

I heard a rumor that you guys are developing a league. Is this true?

Yes, once we have enough players, we will start a LaserLeague that will focus on team-based missions. Our system will track points for each teams as they compete against each other each week. Please email your interest to be part of our LaserLeague

Can my friend and I play on the same LaserLeague team?

Yes, please email us you and your friend’s name and we will do our best to place you on the same team.

When will LaserLeague matches take place?

LaserLeague matches will be scheduled on Fridays between 8 and 10pm

What is your address?

Moncton SportsDome
125 Russ Howard Drive
(off Millenium Boulevard; 1.2 Km from the Moncton Coliseum)

Can I bring decorations?

Yes, you can bring your own decorations if you want.  You must clean up your Party Area once the reservation is over. No Helium filled balloons.

Can I setup party balloons?

We allow decorations and NON helium filled balloons. Helium balloons end up littering the ceiling of our facility, and can get caught in our ventilation fans.

Do you offer any food and beverage?

Yes, we offer pizza and garlic fingers from our partner Greco.  Please email to request these items.

Can adults stay and watch?

Yes.  Adults are encouraged to stay, watch, socialize, take pictures, etc.  Customers tell us the adults have as much fun as the kids!  Tell your guests to dress casual and wear sneakers or comfortable shoes.  No high heels, slip-ons, open-toed, or flip flops.

Please note that adults are not permitted to go on the inflatables.

What is the policy to make or cancel a reservation?

Payment must be received in full in order for a reservation to be made.
If for any reason, you will not be able to attend the reservation, simply notify us and the reservation will be re-schedule or refunded.

There is a $20 processing fee to refund any payment amount.


Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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