Lasertag at the SportsDome!

It’s time to Party!

The LaserDome (lasertag at the SportsDome) offers the world’s most modern solution that immerses customers in a real life video game.

Our knowledgeable staff will guide players through different games and missions within our custom 10 000 sqft arena. The LaserDome arena changes each week to allow returning players something new and fun to play every time!


LaserTag Parties

We offer the following LaserTag Party Options:

1) Saturdays – PRIVATE LaserTag for 1 hour + 30 minutes in the Party Area for groups of up to 14 people for only 278.26 + hst = $320.00.  If your party is for a children’s party and you have less than 14 players, we encourage parents to participate.  Children love playing against parents/coaches, etc.  Party Area contains 2 picnic tables and you can bring your own food, snack, drinks, etc.

2) Fridays – PUBLIC LaserTag + Gaming from 6pm to 8pm for groups of up to 14 people for only 278.26 + hst = $320.00.  Fridays are open to the public and your group will be mixed in with the public.  We have picnic tables that we will reserve for your group and you can bring your own food, snack, drinks, etc.

3) Fridays – PUBLIC LaserTag + Gaming 5 Passes from 6pm to 8pm – Reserve 5 Friday Night Passes for a small group.  Price is $108.70 + hst = $125.00

Lasertag Party for Group of up 14See schedule and make a reservation


Friday Night Gaming

Fridays are Gaming Night.  We now offer Lasertag every Friday along with Gaming and Just Dance that includes:

  • Unlimited Lasertag
  • Unlimited Gaming with video games on our Gaming Stage with large TVs
  • $25 a person
  • 6pm – 8pm session
  • Ages 6 and over
  • No reservation required.  Just show up to play.
  • All paid participants will be given a bracelet which they use to access Lasertag, Gaming
  • Non-paid participants can enter and watch at no charge.
  • Children ages 11 and below must be accompanied by an adult/guardian
  • Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates on themes, contests, specials, and more

To reserve and guarantee 5 passes in advance, click on the link below and choose the date and session.  Once you reserve your 5 passes, they will be left at the front desk in an envelop with your name on it.  If you want to buy more passes, you can buy them at the front desk.  The 5-Passes are also a great gift idea for many occasions !

Friday 5-Pass ReservationSee schedule and make a reservation


Did You Know?

Largest playing field east of Montreal. Oh Yeah !
Our field is changed every day which allows returning players more challenges and more FUN. WOW !!
Next-Generation Wireless Equipment
Fun for Everyone ages 6+
Safe, No Impact, No Projectiles
Live Scoring and Ranking System
Most advanced lasertag equipment in the industry. A wide selection of game modes such as: Free for All, Capture the flag, King of the Hill, Infected, Doctor Lasertag, Protect the VIP, and many more. OMG !!!


Not Just for the Kids!

Discover why LaserDome has been compared to a “real life video game”! Every aspect of our arena is customizable, from bunker placements, to sound effects, and tagger damage, range and much much more. Have adults playing with kids, we can dynamically adjust the difficulty level of individual players. Take a look bellow of the fun you can have within our LaserDome Arena!

Our LaserDome Arena




Frequently Asked Questions about Lasertag
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Play, Have Fun, Enjoy Life!

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