New Dome Construction Begins Next Week

Though the timing could not have been worst for us, the SportsDome is moving forward with its scheduled bubble replacement starting July 13th. The structure will be replaced with new vinyl, doors and fixtures and will be sporting a new livery from iA Securities, the parent company of HollisWealth.

The whole process will take less then two weeks! The new SportsDome material will arrive in 4 large sections which are then bolted together while it lays on the ground. New steel cables are run to hold all of the uplift created by the building and tie it into large concrete footing. Most of this work is done by hand on one day called the ‘Big Pull’ since the material is too delicate and requires too much finesse to be handled by machinery. Finally, a wooden wedge is hammered along the contour of the building to seal in the edge within a special channel. After that’s done, we just add air…

The whole construction process will be shared on our social media networks, so make sure to Like and Subscribe in order to get the announcement when we plan to re-inflate sometime later next week make sure to look out for that, or come by and see it in person.


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